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"Feel better in your body" Marika Kyselová

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Sara Yamane

Spokojená klientka

“Marika is a wonderful teacher. She has an amazing energy and she is always with a smile on her face. She is always focusing on your breath and the right position of your body and that’s great. I truly recommend her. “
Hedvika Loučková

poradce v oblasti osobního rozvoje, www.vunezivota.cz

“I highly recommend exercising with Marika to anyone who wants to start approaching themselves and their body gently and effectively at the same time. Her group and individual lessons are conducted with great sensitivity and at the same time they have a deep relaxation and regeneration overlap. With Marika I learned again to listen to the signals of my body and the magic of gentle approach to myself. I was amazed that through gentle movements it is possible to release so much strain from the body that almost all of us are overloaded such as stress and often unprocessed emotions. Her lessons bring relaxation to the body and psyche and gradually build self-confidence in posture. From each lesson I take a number of simple and effective tips and tricks on how to properly relax in my body and then strengthen it again. I have developed a number of healthy habits and I feel much better in my body than ever before … Thank you Marika, I and my whole family love your lessons :))”