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"Feel better in your body" Marika Kyselová


Individual trainings – lessons

Lesson for one or two clients (semi- privata)  The lessons are tailor-made to bring you the greatest benefit and joy. You don’t have to worry. The lesson is not about me standing  over you like a cop waiting on where and how you make a mistake. I am to help you feel better in your body, explore the ways how to move.  It is always an enrichment and a creation for both parties. I always like to say that we create a lesson together. Depending on what your body shows you need, or what mood you are in, we’ll work together to create a tailor-made lesson. Sometimes it’s about having the whole lesson taken with your eyes closed and enjoying the movement and sensations from your body, sometimes it’s about asking, laughing, learning and exploring the movement and the ways to do it.  By best way I mean that it costs you as little effort as possible even when doing hard exercises. We are trying to find the wisdom of your body..not to squeeze the abs.. or gluteaus. So that all can work in harmony.We release the tension where we can to find the power and joy.

If that is what you would like to / move with ease and joy, I will be very happy to help you.




Lessons await online using skype, whatsapp, zoom.us or whatever suits you. The lesson has a lot of benefits, it is at home where you feel the security of the space you know. It also saves the time you would normaly spend by travel. You can find more information in the online section.

Suitable only with connection to a computer or phone that allows to connect with each another se we could see and hear well.


ONLINE Lesson – 

Individual – 1 client – 600 czk 

Semi private – 2 clients – 800 czk (400 each)

LIVE Lesson 

In Grainspace, Letna , your office or place at your choice 

Individual – 1 client – 1000 czk

Semi / private – 2 clients / 1200 czk (600 each) 

In park Vyšehrad –  700 czk 

At your place


Class at the comfort of your home – when agreed with me or in the beautiful space

Pohled Pracoviště in Letné. http://www.pohledpracoviste.com/  or http://www.grainspace.cz

We can meet live in one of these places or a beautiful park Vyšehrad with fresh air or we can just meet online from the comfort of your home using   zoom, facetime or skype


Individual one person at place that you choose: 1000 Kč 

Semi private – 1200 czk ( 2 persons / 600 each )

Individual online : 60min – 600 Kč ,

Semi private online / 800 czk / 400 each

30 min – 300 Kč – class for kids

    Do you want to learn how to enjoy movement and feel better in your body?

    Write to me and I'll be happy to help you.