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"Feel better in your body" Marika Kyselová

My story

My relationship with my body was not always like it is now. I thought I had to work super hard, eat only what diet books and magazines would tell me to eat. I would live in 2 phases: I work hard, eat ‘superhealthy’ or in a phase I can do whatever and eat whatever now. As you can see not much balance in it:) I always loved movement..that is true. When I broke up with a boyfriend or had too much stress I would just run like Forrest 🙂 Well just a bit to get rid of stress.

When your body is young (your soul is always young, right? : ) , it can handle a lot without complaining much about it.. or you just do not listen. If there was a pain I was waiting couple of days and do the workout again.. but if you keep repeating the same mistakes again again again,there is a moment when your body tells you enough. I had more moments like this / first one of teachers and then physiotherapist told me it was enough and I had to do sth about it and then – burnout. And that was a biggest gift when I really had to start listening to the needs of my body.

The funny thing is that once you start listening to  what your body needs , you will not go through this healthy phase and I do not care phase that I mentioned before. You will just know, what to eat, how to move.. when to take a rest and being more aware of what makes you feel better, not only in movement but in life too.

As I told you I used to be obsessed with movement so I became a fitness trainer . I just love to dance and share the energy from music , so I became a Zumba teacher. . I have always liked these individual sports like running, aerobis, mountain hiking,  dance and later also yoga and pilates. At the beginning I was not really into slow body and mind classes.   I probably just was not ready yet! You probably  know the saying – when the student is ready, teacher will appear.

I was not ready so I met teachers who were giving me cues that did not awaken my curiosity..or I just was not open to it that time:) . My body hurt during some pilates exercises .. I did not feel well.. I just did not know how to work with it.

I started also with yoga a little later, it was a bit better because I loved the relaxation part in it, but my body after some time did not feel better either . .

Later, when I found a good physiotherapist, who explained me how amazing my body can be and how it was built and how to move better I was fascinated. I became a Pilates teacher and from that moment on I cannot stop exploring, how to work with body and mind with more ease. How to understand it. How to release the tension in order to find strenght..  It is not about work hard , harder and harder.. You have to find a way how to find a right amount of energy. You just need the support of the ground, and to be able to release some tension. If one place is moving too much and other place in your body is not, you just need to find a way how to create balance. Create more movement where it’s not, make space where it’s missing. Send breathe where it’s not and suddenly you will not only have more energy for the movement, but for life too. Your energy will circulate better.

We are living our lives, facing everyday situations that might be stressful. Sometimes we are not conscious all the time to be able to release the extra tension and the tension stays in our bodies.  Later we might feel it as a pain. We might move in a way that is not ideal for our body. After some time body shows it si not the best way.

This is what my passion is about. Helping you to listen to your body and look for better ways. I prefer to say I am your guide through movement. Helping you to find spots where to release tension, where to use support.  I really love to learn more about how body and mind work and I love to use these to move and feel better. It will be my biggest pleasure to share this experience with you.




Spiraldynamik basic
Návod na tělo I (Manual for body I
DNS prof. Kolář I
Pilates Reformer My Pilates I, II
Pilates Mat Body Balance
Basic course Nordic Walking
Student of yoga and yoga therapy at school of  Lenka Oravcová
Massage therapist Dexter Academy
Fitness trainer

Yoga workshop with Lenka Oravcova – movement principles
Of-Course Online – Shoulder stability
My Pilates –Physiopilates – Problems of shoulder girdle
My Pilates – When lower back hurts workshop

My Pilates – what do you see- how to look at client workshop
Pelvic floor I – Renata Sahani

What can you expect in my classes?

In my classes you can experience some exercises of yoga and pilates , and I will guide your through conscious movement. Encourage you to feel your body, listen to it and show you what to use and where release some tension to make the movement as joyful as possible.. I am really looking forward to show you the way how to feel better about your movement, your body and you.