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"Feel better in your body" Marika Kyselová

I´m Marika.

I help people relax. During one hour, sometimes hour and a half you can experience relaxed state of your mind and body. This state of mind creates space in which you can choose to let go of thoughts that keep running through your head and will not let you relax, focus or receive what you would love to receive.


In this space that we create together, I can help you – if needed-  find blockages that are keeping you away from feeling happy, healthy and relaxed and using questions we can find a better mental, physical and energetic setup for you.

Sometimes it is just about asking the right question and helping you to keep your mind open. Sometimes it is about letting go of tension in your body. Sometimes it is about being quiet and letting you find your inner peace.

It might be a little difficult to find right words because everybody´s experience is different and everytime you can experience something new. Sometimes people describe that they saw memories from their childhood, sometimes you can see colours or others visual perceptions.

If you need to relax.

Clear your mind.

See clearer what you want to do or not to do.

Let go of stress from your body.

Feel calmer and more self-confident.

Let me know and we choose the best type of session for you.


What were my clients experiences with harmonization,  access bars or conscious movement …

Something changed. I had no expectations ahead of this therapy. Didn´t know how it works or what will the session look like at all but I was blown away. It was relaxing, calm and full of emotions I felt during the session. It was coming slowly in waves and felt natural. It is that type of stuff you can´t explain but I felt energized and something changed that day. During the session I visited places like my nursery where I attended when I was around 2 or 3 years old. I have not idea why it took me there. but it was such a great feeling I had. Even now thinking about it makes me tear up(in a good way). If I wouldn´t experience it myself I wouldn´t believe it. Marika is amazing. Makes you feel confident, relaxed, calm and she held my hand throughout the session even it was only virtually. Do it if you are thinking about it. It is life changing.

Petra B.

I highly recommend exercising with Marika to anyone who wants to start approaching themselves and their body gently and effectively at the same time. Her group and individual lessons are conducted with great sensitivity and at the same time they have a deep relaxation and regeneration overlap. With Marika I learned again to listen to the signals of my body and the magic of gentle approach to myself. I was amazed that through gentle movements it is possible to release so much strain from the body that almost all of us are overloaded such as stress and often unprocessed emotions. Her lessons bring relaxation to the body and psyche and gradually build self-confidence in posture. From each lesson I take a number of simple and effective tips and tricks on how to properly relax in my body and then strengthen it again. I have developed a number of healthy habits and I feel much better in my body than ever before ... Thank you Marika, I and my whole family love your lessons :))

Lucie K. consultant in selfimprovement field, www.vunezivota.cz

Let the movement be your ritual to feel happier and healthier

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